My California Psychics Review and Personal Experience

psychicsCalifornia has long been known for its abundance of supernatural enthusiasts and practitioners – people who believe in some form of power, intelligence, or energy that lies beyond the boundaries of the known universe, but with which mankind may interact… for better, or for worse, as often seems to be the case. Among the most familiar of these sojourners into the dark and shadowy unknown are those individuals who identify as “psychics,” a term that is in itself much-maligned, and is poorly understood by many. A person who identifies as a psychic is asserting that they are in direct receipt of information which is given to them by some means that transcends the five senses with which we are familiar, somehow being directly “sent” to their consciousness. Sometimes, it is direct and straightforward information; most often, it is subject to interpretation. Explanations for psychic phenomenon, in California and elsewhere, is wide-ranging and often far afield; aliens have been suggested by some, while others believe it to be the work of spirits reaching across the dimensions… or powerful, ancient humans, reaching across time, as though it were simply a physical barrier to be circumvented. Some California psychics believe that their powers come to them directly, while others believe that they are channeling other entities who temporarily take over their bodies – leaving them to function as something of a conduit between “here” and “elsewhere,” wherever elsewhere may be.

 Many California psychics, in particular, believe that their information comes to them through the direct intercession of the angels. For those seeking consistency within the nature of psychic belief, there is a remarkable regional prevalence for angelic visitations, and for the channeling of knowledge and understanding directly from the divine.

 psychic-readingsMany of the most reputable and long-practicing of California psychics, regardless of the diversity of their methods, come together in “hubs” to provide services to those who feel a need for them. Since the advent of the internet, many of these hubs have turned to the World Wide Web as their medium (no pun intended), providing quick and convenient access to psychic services 24/7. California Psychics is one such hub, albeit a standout example thereof: California Psychics is a network of practicing psychics, which offers a variety of free and commercial services available 24/7, including new horoscopes available every day. Thousands of clients can attest to the accuracy of their readings, and the reassurance that these readings have provided them with – helping them to find their own inner confidence.

 That is, perhaps, the best service that any psychic can offer to his or her clients: the ability to help them find their own inner strength and confidence, and to help them in bringing about positive change within their own lives.

 On the Acceptance of Psychic Phenomena

So many people within California claim some form of vision, power or influence that the area has become known as a supernatural wellspring – a place where, some theorize, the boundary between this world and what lies beyond is exceptionally thin… or perhaps riddled with holes; an exact analogy is difficult to come by, as the description will often vary from one person to the next.

This should not, in itself, be taken as a sign of inaccuracy or falsehood…. but, why not?

Inconsistency, in itself, flies in the face of the scientific method, and even if the subject at hand is beyond that which science currently understands, it should be looked at logically within itself… right? Otherwise, how would anybody ever know what to expect from the supernatural? One must assume that a greater set of rules are at play, ones which we don’t currently grasp but which are, as with the difference between the reality that was see and the minute universe of quantum mechanics, internally consistent… but different. When we drop down to the incomprehensibly small, that which exists in fewer dimensions than what we perceive, the rules change. There is no reason why the same thing couldn’t possibly occur when we venture in the opposite direction… into the realm of the big, the extra-dimensional, that which lies parallel to our own understanding.

So… we’re back to the idea of California psychics being inconsistent in their approach to, and their understanding of, their gifts of sight and understanding, these things which appear to transcend the forms of communication that most of us understand readily enough. Shouldn’t that suggest that it’s all a contrivance, that it’s entirely untrue, and that the practice of those who would call themselves “psychics” is simply a huge commercial sham, perpetuated for the sake of bilking a gullible public?

Imagine, for a moment, an isolated island in the middle of the ocean: the people who live there have led a lifestyle unchanged for thousands of years. They have never interacted with modern man, and have no comprehension of modern technology. Then, one day, modern man stumbles onto the island – but not directly. Not literally onto it: rather, somebody flies by overhead in an airplane. They might not even understand what it is that they are doing: they could be unaware of the significance of this particular island.

Conversely, they might be well aware of it, but they could be trying to keep their distance, wrongfully assuming that the people who live on the island must have seen airplanes before.

The people on this island stare up at the sky in wonder. Later that night, while gathered around their cooking fires, the ones who witnessed it try to explain it to the ones who did not. Perhaps the plane flew by along a trajectory that only left it visible from a particular shoreline, and it was witnessed by only a handful of people. One young man insists that he saw a great white bird, bigger than any the islanders had ever seen before. Another man claims that he saw a strange arrowhead flying through the sky for an impossible distance. A young woman insists that she saw a knife, cutting the sky open to the accompaniment of a great roar… a roar which many of the islanders did hear, but some of those openly scoff at her, because to them it sounded like thunder. They all know what thunder is. She’s just a silly girl, they tell themselves. A small child who says that she saw the plane “making clouds” with its exhaust is likewise chuckled at, and patted on her head.

They already have an explanation for clouds. Their acceptance of what they know already precludes their willingness to actually investigate an alternative. Alternatives are scary; the familiar is comfortable. Ultimately, a small, select group of individuals who happened to be in the right place, at the right time, will carry with them a believe in the great bird/arrowhead/cloudmaker in the sky to the end of their days, and while a few of the other islanders will believe them – or, at least, acknowledge that there could be something to what they say – the majority will write off their strange experience as being at best the product of an overactive imagination, and at worst some sort of insanity, perhaps brought on by too much sun (that’s an explanation that is all too often fielded against California psychics, for obvious reasons).

In short… inconsistency is not “evidence of absence.” It is not unscientific; it occurs because something is so unfamiliar and hard to understand that an objective and thorough description of its nature is beyond us. The islanders who saw the airplane could probably have identified various parts of it, and even understood their function, but the whole of what they were seeing was so far beyond their world view that they literally couldn’t make heads or tails (or wings, or cockpits) out of it. Someone would have had to explain its parts, and the parts of which its parts were in turn comprised, and the principles by which it worked. It is not a flaw in the scientific method, nor evidence that airplanes do not exist; rather, it speaks simply to our being restricted by our current understanding of how the world works. Anything which violates that understanding is suppressed and denied. The threat of our world-view being turned on its head is one that many people find incomparably terrifying. Daily Horoscopes

One of the most long-lasting and popular psychic services in modern civilization – with roots that can be traced back to practices which were ancient when the Pyramids at Giza were first being built – is the provision of a daily horoscope. Based on the concept that the arrangement of celestial objects relative to each other in the Earth’s sky can have an effect upon a person when their consciousness first awakens, the notion has often been challenged scientifically… but in small ways, which consistently manage to miss the entire point.

There is precedent in the scientific world for complicated and large-scale geometrical perfection being in some ways tied to ongoing processes. In their efforts to understand the human liver – one of our most complicated internal organs, and the only one that can regenerate itself in the event that part of it is removed – scientists have discovered that they can only grow liver cells in a laboratory when they arrange the structure on which they are to grow in a certain geometric pattern. Carbon nanotubes, the wonder material of the 21st century, are made of the same element as pencil lead; they are almost impossibly strong, however, because the carbon atoms are connected to each other hexagonally, and the molecules are shaped like cylinders for added strength.

At the north pole of Saturn, a perfectly hexagonal cloud formation has persisted since time immemorial, as the natural forces which work on the planet – forces which include the gravitational interaction between Saturn, its moons, and its closest neighbor, Jupiter – have created a structure which is so perfect in its shape and design that the first mainstream scientists to observe it wondered at the possibility of its being artificial. Geometry is, and has always been, a measure of how natural forces interact with the world around them to shape things into perfectly functional forms.

The California psychics who staff the Website are people who, for whatever reason, possess a level of understanding of how some of these natural forces work which transcends most of our comprehension. Their horoscope, which is written anew each day for each of twelve different astrological signs, is one way by which they attempt to share their understanding with others – a free service designed to lend us some reassurance, as well as a certain small measure of guidance – the angel on one’s shoulder, perhaps – as we go about our daily activities with renewed personal confidence.

How Do You Count Out the Charlatans?

Fakes. Fraudsters. Con artists. There are a thousand and one terms denoting those who falsely portray psychic abilities for personal gain, a practice which is as old as legitimate psychic practices, and present everywhere that the latter have ever been recognized. How does one separate the wheat, as it were, from the chaff, and sort those with legitimate gifts who want to provide assistance from those whose “gifts” are motivated purely by the ability to manipulate others out of their own desire for personal gain and notoriety?

Look at what they have on offer. Horoscopes are a hallmark of psychic services, and are generally provided for free… but it’s like the coffee you’ll be provided with upon entering an upscale bank. How would you feel if you walked into a supposedly upscale bank, and they charged you for the coffee? For the bowls of candy set out by the tellers’ windows? For the use of one of their pens to fill out a check, or a form? What if they charged you money to sit in the waiting area until a loan manager became available – would you still regard them in a positive way?

What if that was all they had on offer – a place to sit, some candy, some coffee; would you still believe that this was a bank?

Horoscopes serve a function, but make no mistake: anybody can write a realistic-sounding horoscope. Whether or not its advice is useful or not depends upon who’s writing it, and their level of understanding of the forces at work. If a psychic wants to charge you for access to a horoscope, or if that’s all they have on hand, you should seriously think twice before handing them your hard-earned money.

Real psychic services are worth the investment. With charlatans, it is at best a gamble, and at worst completely worthless. Either way, with the real thing existing in reliable, well-organized, and reputable networks, why take the chance?

Listen to how their advice is phrased. Are all of the horoscopes simply rewritten versions of each other, or of the ones that were presented on the previous day… or that same day last week, or last year? A real horoscope should have some ring of familiarity to it, and should occur along an identifiable theme, but each one ought to be unique – providing advice and guidance that is relevant to the current day. The same thing holds true for other advice with which you are provided.

Finally, look at how they present themselves. Real psychics don’t go in for the “madame” or the “marvelous.” They don’t struggle to appease those who profess a lack of belief in psychic phenomena by acknowledging their skepticism while encouraging them to “give it a try” anyway. To a charlatan, such an individual is a potential one-time investment. A real psychic understands that they aren’t going to change their point of view, or acknowledge the assistance provided to them in any way – so why waste the time of all involved?

Real psychics, such as those who work with spend their time trying to assist people who have the focus and the faith to give their advice a fair shot. They see those who have a certain understanding, and a willingness to believe, and they respond to that by doing their best to improve the lives of those who come to them looking for help. Anyone who is willing to accept the validity of psychic phenomena would be well-served to pay California Psychics a visit.

Let them do their best to change your life for the better, today.

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