Psychic Source: They Opened Up My Eyes And Broadened My Horizons

Psychic Source: They Opened Up My Eyes And Broadened My Horizons
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I have always been comfortable defining myself as a skeptic, and I never put much faith in the value of psychics or fortune tellers. I’m also open-minded, though, and I’m willing to change my ideas based on new experiences. My first reading with an advisor from Psychic Source definitely altered my views on the value of such advice!

Some Personal Background

I work at a rapidly-growing company. I like my job and the people I work with, but I also find the conditions there extremely stressful. My friend and coworker April was subjected to the same sorts of pressure, but I noticed a few weeks ago that she’s started dealing with it much better than I do. I asked her what her secret was; she’s the one who pointed me towards Psychic Source. Like I said above, I’m a fairly skeptical person, but April vouched for the value and applicability of the readings she’d gotten from Psychic Source. More importantly, I could clearly tell that the advice she was receiving was helping her stay calmer, more centered, and more open at work. Since I figured similar solutions should work for similar problems, I resolved to give Psychic Source a try myself.

An Informative Website

I was deeply impressed by the resources Psychic Source made available at their website. There was no pressure to leap right into a reading, and I spent about a half hour simply reviewing all of the articles and guides they had made available free of charge. These gave me a better understanding of how the service’s psychics operate, and the many different types of readings they can perform. Based on what I learned from the website, I decided to look for a psychic who could give me a numerology reading. I’m an analytics technician, and I deal with numbers every day. Who could be better qualified to help me deal with my workplace stress than a number-sensitive psychic? I went trawling through the psychic profiles and decided Anthony looked like a trustworthy reader with numerology experience. Convenient Financial Arrangements Of course, I had to pay for my reading at this point. This required me to create an account on Psychic Source, but the process was quick and painless. I have to admit, the special introductory pricing they offer (just a dollar a minute) was also very persuasive. Once I provided my credit card details entered and my account loaded up, it was time to take the plunge and give Anthony a call.

Anthony Gives Me The Goods

In case you haven’t tried a numerology reading before, they’re based on the significance of important numbers in your life, starting with your birth date. This was the first piece of information I gave to Anthony, and I provided just the nudge that I needed help with my job. I was astonished by how much useful information he uncovered with those little facts. Anthony explained to me that the real source of my stress was anxiety about the direction my company was headed and my future with my current employers. He recommended forging stronger ties with my coworkers and superiors so that I would feel more informed. Anthony also said it was important to “decompress” and talk over my issues with people outside my work sphere, and that’s a habit I’ll be getting into ASAP. I’ve taken Anthony’s advice to heart, and it’s already helped me deal with my job in less stressful ways. I try to always keep in mind what he told me about my workplace relationships: “Look at everyone as people first.” It’s made a huge difference. I’m feeling less stressed out at the end of the day, and I think my coworkers are finding me more pleasant to be around, too!

Conclusion: My First Reading Probably Won’t Be My Last

I still can’t say for sure if Anthony used true-blue psychic abilities to give me the advice I needed. What I do know is that it was undoubtedly useful to me. Although I don’t want to lean too heavily on the services provided by Psychic Source, (the price goes up significantly after your first call, for one thing!) I know I can count on Anthony and his peers to provide helpful direction when I need it again in the future.

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