My In Depth Psychic Stars Review

My In Depth Psychic Stars Review

These guys have been around for a while now, going back as far as 1990. That right there made me feel pretty comfortable using them, because an outfit that’s been around for a while is a good sign, right? A lot of the other sites I looked at have only been in business for a little while. How can I trust that they have built a sufficient brand? Opening an account with them is very straightforward. You make an account using a major credit card and purchasing a block of time. I bought an hour for fairly cheap. The nice thing is that you don’t have to use all of your minutes at once or even on the same person. You can schedule out your minutes in ten minute blocks if you want, or more, or less. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that your minutes will expire one year after the time of purchase, so if you’re not sure you’re going to call often or only want to try them out, buy enough minutes to last you at least one or two conversations and no more. Later on you can buy more minutes for greater discounts. As soon as you’ve chosen a psychic to try out, you simply call their toll free number and use the member number code that has been given to you. It’s very easy, and even better that it doesn’t show up on your phone bill in case you’re trying to keep your reading on the low for any reason. Many other sites charge you right from the phone, which can get messy.

Psychic Stars Network

The Psychics

Psychic Stars guarantees that there is at least one person online at any given time ready to give real psychic readings. You can see who is available and read their profiles right on the main page. I think the most impressive thing here is that they have so many different types of psychics! They have Tarot card readers, dream experts, past life seers, astrologers, and even non-Western practitioners. I saw a profile for a psychic who has done tea leaf readings for a very long time. I did not use that person’s services, but I was very impressed that they were offered to me. I like a good variety. Most other sites specialize in one or two types of psychics. I also got the feeling that these people were very down to Earth and approachable.

The Reading

After much deliberation, I decided to call a young woman who claimed to be able to speak with the dead. I thought this would be a good test since it’s very hard to cold read people over the phone since they can’t see my reactions or body language. The woman was very friendly, which I appreciated. She asked me my name and what services I needed. I told her I was hoping to communicate with someone who had passed over, but did not say who. Sure enough, she picked up my old friend Karen right away, who died of cancer two years ago. How she knew that so quickly I will never know!

The Verdict

I firmly believe that Karen came through that night. I don’t want to go into the details of what we talked about, but I will say that it was so profound that I was left speechless afterward. I ended up using half of my minutes, but haven’t gone back yet. I’m still deciding if I want a fortune told or to have a dream interpreted. All I know is that at least one person on there was the real deal. I do not doubt that the others can give me real psychic readings as well.


If you’re shopping for a new site to try out, I definitely recommend Psychic Stars; especially since they have a 10 minutes for $10 special going on for new members right now. Do it! Call Now! 1-888-414-3135