What is a Cartomancy Reading and How is It done?

what is Cartomancy

Cartomancy has been around for numerous centuries and its popularity is starting to increase in today’s Western society. A cartomancer can tell a lot about the future and different aspects of a person’s life by using a regular deck of cards.

The Basics

Some people believe that cartomancy and the use of tarot cards is the same but the two techniques have their specifics.

Cartomancers use the traditional deck that has 52 cards. A meaning is assigned to each of the cards and used to provide valuable information about a person’s life. Different spreads are used to give individuals in need of guidance valuable information about their personal life, career, love life and future.

Cartomancy has been very popular among some of the most important historic personalities. Napoleon Bonaparte and Russia’s Tsar Alexander were just two of the powerful leaders that used cartomancy readings to make crucial decisions.

Cartomancy Spreads

Personalities, gender and even zodiac signs are assigned to the cards in the deck and used to provide information about current and future relationships with others.

Cartomancers use a wide range of spreads. The simplest one involves three cards – one representing the past, one representing the present and one card for the future. More complex readings demand different types of spreads like the nine-card spread, the celestial circle and the so-called horseshoe of fate.

Qualities of Good Cartomancers

Cartomancers see stories in the different spreads. These individuals need to have a really good intuition in order to relate a story that a person would find useful, enlightening or inspiring.

Intuition is exhibited in the manner that cartomancers interpret different card combinations. A king and a queen examined alongside each other could signify upcoming romantic involvement. If a cartomancer looks at these cards individually, the reading is going to be completely different.

Cartomancy is much more about trusting one’s gut feeling than trying to come up with a logical interpretation. This is why the best cartomancers are highly intuitive and insightful.

The popularity of cartomancy has led to the creation of different sets of cards. The principles are the same but cultural specifics make one set more suitable for a particular country than another. Some of the variations include oracle and angel decks that are used in the place of the standard 52-card deck.


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