Aura Readings: What are they and how are they Done?

aura readings

Getting a professional aura reading is fun and intriguing. The aura is an electromagnetic field, which surrounds everything. Your professional psychic may view this force field as pulsating, oval-shaped rings of light. Or, it may appear as whirling patterns of light, with different colors flowing in all directions. The kinesthetic (feelings) psychic will not see your aura, but will sense it.

Experts refer to the aura as, “the human atmosphere”. The pulsating colors around your head and shoulders reveal your physical health, along with emotional and psychological makeup. These colors are not static. They change with your emotional state and fluctuating moods. When you get an aura diagnosis, it’s important to remember it is not definitive.

Don’t fret about passing or failing. There are no “correct” colors. What’s important is the clearness and brightness of your aura. If during your aura reading specks, cloudiness or pin-sized pricks are observed, your reader will suggest potential ways to balance or heal that particular energy.

Color meanings vary by interpreter. Let’s look at several colors to give you a general idea of their generic meanings.

In good conscience, we must begin with Black, because it is an unwelcome guest in anybody’s aura. The highly-skilled reader will know in which direction to take the aura reading. Again, don’t concern yourself, since it is really rare for black to show up in the aura.

Black, at its extreme, either portends death or evil. It could also signify acute depression, intense negativity or disease.

Red indicates passion, forceful energy, anger or excessive stress.

Blue appears when the person has accepted her spirituality and evidences loyalty, dedication or prayerful nature.

Green generally points to healing and/or creativity; it might identify the envious personality.

Pink translates to love, sensitivity, caring and maternal instincts.

Yellow validates self-growth, happiness, optimistic personality and honesty.

Purple is a high spiritual color, transcended only by white. It is a strong indicator the individual is transmuting, most likely to higher consciousness.

White speaks of successful attainment of Divine Love, enlightened, purity, cosmic attunement. White is the highest aura color a human can attain.

Duller, darker tones of any color are more negative than bright tones.

Think of the person conducting your aura reading as a spiritual translator. In a similar manner as a language translator relays content, the reader is an open-channel to receive information from Higher Intelligence about your being and interpret it for your understanding.


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