Lithomancy Readings

Lithomancy is a popular form of the divination arts. The individual that performs lithomancy readings are successfully able to “see” components of the past, clarify circumstances and events of the present, and even predict that which will occur within the future through the use of stones. While the history surrounding lithomancy is considered to be quite ambiguous, the first recorded use of this art was in the 800s. It was at this time that St. Photios I described the art being utilized by the physician, Eusebius, in Constantinople to successfully complete a ritual. The lack of information pertaining to the initiation of this psychic art contributes to the mystery and intrigue associated with lithomancy readings. In this guide, you will be presented with numerous facts that will assist in optimizing your understanding of lithomancy readings.

Performing Lithomancy Readings

 As mentioned previously, little is known about the art of lithomancy and the history of the divination art. As a result, the use of this mystical art varies greatly between locations and individuals that consider themselves practitioners. There are two main components associated with this form of divination. That is, the stones that are utilized by the practitioners and the amount of stones that are utilized. It has been established that the types of stones and the amount of stones that are used is truly a personal preference, based on the individual conducting the lithomancy readings. The most common form of readings utilizes thirteen different stones. Each represents the astrological signs of Mercury, the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. In addition to this, there are stones added to represent the following concepts: “Love”, “Life”, “Fortune”, “Magic”, and “Home”.

Individuals that perform these majestic readings will ask a specific question. Once the question is made clear to the stones, they are tossed. In some instances, the lithomancy expert may throw one stone at a time; however, many may elect to throw all thirteen stones at once. The meaning given by the stones is obtained by interpreting the pattern displayed by the stones that have landed, as well as where each stone lies in relation to one another. According to those that perform these types of mysterious, yet intriguing, readings are heavily influenced by the universal response of the stones, the intuition of the individual that has cast the stones, as well as the caster’s unique experiences and level of wisdom – as it relates to the spiritual world.



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The term, “Lithomancy” is derived from the Greek word that means “stone”, “Lithos”. While stones are the most commonly used item when it comes to this art of divination, many that practice this art have also utilized rocks, crystals, and even gemstones. These unique items are used due to the fact that psychics have found that they have the ability to place energy into a reading that is performed for the purpose and intent of divination. If you have an interest to reveal information about your past, clarify information pertaining to the present day, or would like insight into your future, you are sure to benefit in numerous ways by obtaining a lithomancy reading from a qualified psychic.


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