Main Types of Psychic Readings

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You’ll find all different types of readings today to help you to divine your future. Not all of them will be accomplished by psychics but they are readings all the same.. It can be confusing to try and figure out which is the best type of reading to get in order to have questions about your future answered. Here is a brief explanation of the main types of psychic readings that are available to help you figure out which is the best one for your current situation.


This involves having a chart drawn up using your place and time of birth to reveal the potentials and energy you have been born with. Current trends from your life can be predicted by astrology based on where planets currently are in the heavens compared to their locations at the time of your birth. If your current issue involves timing, astrology is most likely the best kind of reading to have.

Aura Readings

The energy field radiating outward from your skin is referred to as the auric field (or just aura). It protects your physical body from spiritual or psychic damage. A psychic who specializes and is trained in aura readings taps into your energy field, or aura, to get information about you. This field contains symbolic images, memories and energies belonging to others like family members, friends and even enemies at times. An aura reading helps you to get in touch better with your energy. It also helps with releasing blocks that have been preventing your emotional or spiritual growth.


Cartomancy dates back to the 14th century. A reader assigns meanings to playing cards to reflect different aspects of a person’s life through the use of spreads that reveal the individual’s past, present and future. There has been a recent resurgence in popularity with many angel and oracle decks now available.


The practice of cleromancy today involves throwing dice, stones or bones. Then the cleromancer analyzes the mutual proximity, orientation and position of the objects that have been cast.


Clairvoyant refers to clear seeing. Psychics with this skill are able to see visions or images that relate to the person’s life. Clairvoyants are able to tap into the client’s energy system to see their past, present and future.


This type of reading is similar to clairvoyance, but a psychometrist uses an article belonging to the client to tap into its unique vibration. A psychometrist in some cases will use one of their own objects for receiving information.

Remote Viewing

This specialized clairvoyant skill enables a psychic to psychic travel to another location in order to describe an event or scene. After the psychic is at the location, they are able to read that location’s past, present and future. Psychic investigators frequently use remote viewing to describe how crimes have occurred and detail crime scenes. Past life regression sessions also make use of remote viewing to that a client’s past lives can be revealed through the images received by the psychic.

Crystal Ball Readings

A crystal ball reading is similar to the psychic readings types known as psychometry and clairvoyant readings. It is psychometric due to the fact that an object is used. The crystal ball reader sees visions or images through the crystal ball.


Channels have the unique abilities to receive information coming from disembodied beings like angels or spirit guides and can also access audio frequencies. These message are then conveyed to the client.


A medium is a kind of psychic that has the ability to communicate with loved ones who are deceased. Skilled mediums are able to provide their clients with closure that is needed so they can move forward with life, while still feeling connected to their loved ones.


Telepaths receive psychic transmission from thought patterns. Telepathy comes in several different forms, including emotive, precognitive and latent. Someone’s thought from the past, present or future can be revealed by a telepath.


This psychic art involves reading stones (crystals and gemstones). They are tossed down and then their patterns are analyzed based on proximity, orientation and location. A lithomancer predicts the client’s future through the use of the stones meanings and a quadrant map.

Palmistry or Palm Reading

The palm is studied to foretell the person’s future.

Rune Reading

A rune is an ancient alphabet that is today used to divine the future. Runes get cast onto a mat so that future events can be discerned from the way in which they fall.


Numerology involves studying numbers and how these apply to a person’s life. A client’s birth date, current name or birth name may be used. Numbers can shift to reveal future insights about a client’s life, just as planets constantly shift in astrology.

Tarot Readings

Currently one of the most popular forms of psychic readings are tarot readings. A tarot deck consists of 78 cards. They are used in several different ways for gaining insight into a person’s life.

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