Rune Readings and Runic History


The Runes were a form of ancient writing, widely used for many thousands of years. There is much mystery surrounding the use of the runes, as well as their origin. According to legend, the word “Rune” means a whispered secret. It is from ancient Norse culture that the runes originate, and in fact were the very heart of life for those peoples.

After many centuries of disuse, and being confined to some dark recess, the runes are reemerging as a gift from our forebears, to be used to impart wisdoms of the ancients. As Christianity spread, erection and use of the rune stones eventually died out. The church made it the business of the moment to outlaw the use of runes, and to destroy all evidence of them.

The church eradicated the use of the runes themselves, but it did not manage to control use of the actual runic symbols.
In medieval times, the people responded to the churches intransigence by incorporating the runes into the timbers of their homes in obvious runic configurations, so that they were effectively empowered by the runes, even given the churches forbidding laws. Many of those homes still stand today.
The runes are derived from natural forces, which can be seen everywhere that the eyes of one who wishes to see will look. It is apparent in the shape of a stream or creek as it flows through a woodland, in the forked branches of the trees, and the shape of the stones on the path.

The forces of nature speak to us directly, if we simply listen. The same is true of the runes. It does not require a psychic to cast the rune stones, although they are frequently used by psychics to help them in a reading. The runic symbols talk to the mind through universal energies, in a way that words cannot do.

The knowledge they give is all around us, so long as we see with our inner self, with the inner sight, and not with the eyes alone. The runes do not and will not impart amazing magical powers, does neither give unearthly success, nor great material gain to the holder, nor will they give wealth or political powers. They offer insights based on the casting of the 25 rune stones. The answers to questions and insights are found in how they are arranged and in what order they fall.

They are as pragmatic as nature itself, grounded firmly in the natural world. To this day, our language bears witness to the underlying philosophy of the runes, by a number of little sayings, such as, “What goes around comes around” and “nothing comes for free” The peoples who used the runes, Celtics, Normans, Saxons, Germanics, all were grounded firmly in the earths ways, knew that there is always a price to be paid for any gain, and that all of life is a circle.