Tarot Readings – Why Psychics Use Them

reading-tarot-cardsThe majority of the time when a psychic conducts a reading for an individual, they use tarot cards in order to complete the reading. There are several reasons as to why a psychic would choose this method. They are able to answer questions, provide insight into current problems and in some cases are able to provide information to a query that the person themselves were not even aware of! While tarot cards by themselves are not powerful or mystical, they are more of a tool that the psychic relies on when gathering their information in order to answer a question or questions that a client of theirs may have and in some cases provide information for future events. .

Tarot Card History

When the tarot cards first started being used during the mid-fifteenth century, they were used to play games in Europe such as tarocchini. Tarocchini started in Italy and is a trick-taking card game or one that is tile-based. It is a complex game with rules that change often. A card starts at the center and cards are built from the center. Examples of trick-taking games is Contract Bridge, Hears and Spades.

It wasn’t until the late seventeenth century that they started being used by mystics for the purpose of divination. During 1430 and 1450 is when the first known tarot cards to be documented were created. These cards were created in northern Italy and contained trump cards that were added to a four-suit pack of cards. These cards had allegorical illustrations on them.

After their creation, only a small amount of people used them for divination purposes. It was then in 1773 that Antoine Court de Gerbelin wrote an essay that discussed the meaning of the tarot and this essay was to become the theory behind the tarot that is used today.

William Rider & Son then created a tarot deck in 1910 that gave each card in the deck symbolic meaning. A year later the book A Pictorial Guide to the Tarot was written by A.E. Waite that went along with the tarot deck. The Rider and Waite deck is among the most popular tarot deck in the English-speaking world.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s was when the New Age teachings became popular and since then many new types of tarot card decks were being made that had varying themes. New tarot decks are being introduced all of the time. Many psychics may keep a few varying decks of cards that they use in readings.

How Tarot Cards Work

Each card in a tarot deck is composed of astrology, numerology and alchemical symbols that are delicately wound into the cards meaning. These are used in the information gathering that is necessary for completing a reading. Of course, the person reading the tarot relies on their intuition to provide an accurate reading, but the symbols contained in the cards is also an aid that a psychic or tarot reader relies on along with the answers or information being provided by their client they are conducting the reading for.

Two decks are actually combined together in order to make up a tarot deck. They are the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is better suited for answering spiritual questions that a query has. It is made up of twenty two cards that are a representation of man’s spirit growth. When one of these cards comes up in a reading, it is an indication that the highest moral way is the best way to resolution for a matter.

The Minor Arcana is composed of four suits of cards that are made up of fourteen cards. For each suit of cards there are cards numerically sequenced that also have the four court cards. These resemble a modern deck of playing cards (which can also be used in a reading but that is for a later discussion). Each suit is named differently and covers a human interest. Relationships questions can be answered by the Cups, matters of money can be answered by the Pentacles, communication is covered by the Wands and difficulties and trails are discussed by Swords. The numbers of the cards (example would be 4 of Cups) coincides with the numerology meaning for that number.

Also, the Page, Knight, King and Queen cover the people that are related to the question the query has that the psychic or reader is answering. It covers things like their qualities and can even talk about their coloring. Due to certain cards and their position in a spread, some psychics can give you the timing for a future event.

Even though these clues are given, a reader still has to be able to interpret cards that are upside down because reversed tarot cards carry a different meaning than those that are facing upright. Many times a psychic may do a few different spread in order to give sharper answers to a query.

The psychic will shuffle the cards and in some cases ask the query to choose cards without looking at them. These cards are then laid out on the table in the shape of the spread. Some readings may use as little as three cards or as many as twelve at one time. There are many different spreads that are used and some are focused just on a specific question that a client may have. Some examples of tarot spreads are the Cross, Celtic Cross and a simple three card spread. The spread used in a reading will be dependent upon the psychic.

Because tarot offers such flexibility when it comes to the cards and their symbols, a psychic is able to really get in depth answers for a querent. In some cases, information that is not known to a querent can be revealed from a tarot spread. Tarot reading is a great way to find answers to any current problems you may be facing and can even give provide insight for the future.

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