What Can a Psychic Predict?

Can a Psychic Predict a Relationship for you?

For every pot, there is a lid. This old truism means if you are seeking your life-mate, your “lid” is seeking you with equal intensity.  Maybe you’re tired of waiting and are thinking about turning to a psychic reading for answers.

Any psychic worth her tealeaves wants you to get what you want! But, like the tealeaves, good psychics never lie. She would never give you false hope.

Can a Psychic Predict Specifics?

Do you want to know the name of your ideal life mate? What he looks like and when you will meet him? Can a psychic answer your burning questions?

Highly evolved psychic readers draw on multiple talents to request Divine Answers to your questions. Know that the outcome of your reading depends upon your willingness to be receptive. Anyone with the idea of making the psychic “work for her money” does themselves a real disservice.

Suppose we call on Clara the Great to describe your true love and, if possible, reveal his name.

“I’m seeing a tall figure dressed in a dark suit. I get the impression he’s more of a boots and jeans type man. He’s wearing a pinky ring, with the initial “J“.

The healthy way to handle this information is to file it in your consciousness, without dwelling on “where” and “when”.

What Can I Realistically Expect from a Psychic Reading?

You can expect your reader to tell you what you need to know for your highest good. You could consult a different psychic with the same questions we posed to the hypothetical Clara and get a radically different response.

She might receive impressions of you attracting the same type of man time and time again. Perhaps he is a commitment phobic or a controller. The reader will gently lead you toward understanding of this life lesson and suggest ways to get unstuck from toxic relationships.

Maybe you aren’t going where the good guys go! Your reader may discern your life-mate is into ballroom dancing. Take action. Sign up for dancing lessons. Then get your bling on and go exploring.


Sometime in the future you’re at your cousin’s wedding reception. The band strikes up a waltz. The beautiful best man extends his hand for a dance. He’s wearing a pinky ring with the initial “J”.

Although something similar can happen to you, your psychic is not in the matchmaking business. She may not say what you want to hear, but she will say what you need to hear.


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