What is an Astrology Reading & How is it Done?


“Your Future is Written in the Stars ” Photo by NASA

Consider an astrology reading as a heavenly map that plots the unique path of your earthly existence.  Even the ancient Bible tells us that our future is written in the stars.  Beginning with statistics, such as your birth date, year and time of birth, your astrologer charts the positions of planets, sun and moon to discern their positions at your birth. Your astrologer will collect data from astrological influences revealed in your chart, such as signs and houses. The data will be interpreted and your comprehensive heavenly map will be developed.

Now, you may have heard skeptics refer to astrology readings as junk science. This is simply not true. In addition to being one of the first known divination methods, astrology is the oldest recorded science. For example, the ancients depended on the positions of the sun, stars and moon to plant crops and guide their ships.

Your astrology reading is not an abstract psychic reading. Real supportive data is furnished to endorse the accuracy of your session.  Ultimately, you can expect to know yourself better – your challenges, spiritual gift, strengths and mental/physical advantages and disadvantages.

Your heavenly map is both powerful and inspirational. Without getting too technical, let’s get familiar with some buzzwords.

Your birth and sun signs are the same. They identify the part of the sky where the sun was located at your birth moment. Think of the sky as a wheel, divided into 12 spokes or signs:  Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Next, is your rising star. It verifies the position east of your birthplace, at the instant of your birth, where the astrological wheel was rising (like the sun) on the horizon.

Your astrologer is trained to retrieve a great deal of information about the unique person that is you. Your personality, both inner and outer, is revealed by your sun sign and rising star. Your moon sign is all about emotions.

For your first sitting, you will likely get the best value from a Life Path Reading, which encompasses your past, present and future. Here, your astrologer will explain your houses. The 12 houses correspond with the Zodiac signs and cover all aspects of your life from finances, friendships to love, career and more.

Following your astrological reading, you’ll reach a higher understanding of “Who” you are and “why” you are here. You’ll know your limiting beliefs and how to change negative thought to positive action. Your life map alerts you where obstacles will pop up along the path and how to deal.  

At its essence, astrology acts like a dose of heavenly therapy! Give it a try now!