Psychometry – What is it and How it’s Done.

Psychometry comes from two Greek words that that mean “soul measure.” Joseph R. Buchanan first coined the term back in 1842 and was one of the first individuals to experiment with this psychic ability. Individuals who have this ability are able to “read” or sense the history or even the identity of an object by touch, and impressions on a subject are often perceived as emotions, sounds, tastes, smells or images.

Psychometry is often described as a type of scrying. It is a psychic method of “seeing” something that cannot be seen ordinarily. While some psychics use black glass, water or even crystal balls to scry, psychometry uses touch to achieve a vision. For example, a psychometrist may be able to hold an antique piece of clothing and be able to “see”  something about the item’s history or an experience a person had when wearing the clothing. In many cases, psychics are able to sense the emotions of the person when they were  wearing the item. While no one is quite sure how this type of psychic reading works, one theory that receives a lot of attention is the vibration theory. This theory poses the idea that psychics receive information through “vibrations” that come from the objects via actions or emotions from the past. Some scientific research shows that this may indeed be the case, since science shows that all matter exists as a vibration on a subatomic level. In Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe, he notes that since matter exists on a level as a vibration, reality and consciousness exists in a type of “hologram” that keeps record of events and emotions, allowing psychics to tap into these “vibrations.” Other theories compare psychometry to playing back information on a tape recorder. Since people give off their own magnetic energy fields, the theory poses the idea that any object will contain information about individuals who have owned it and psychics are able to access that information.

Through history, there have been some astounding examples of psychometry. One example is seen in the psychic detective, Gerard Croiset, who worked with police departments  in the 1930s and 1940s. He assisted police departments in various European countries, helping them solve cases using psychometry. One popular case was when he took a photo of  a missing girl, a piece of the girl’s clothing and a map of New York City, where she had gone missing. He successfully described the location where her body was and even provided  the name of her murderer.

Psychometry is an interesting psychic ability that continues to be used today. In fact, many psychics use this ability when providing psychic readings to clients. Discover more information here.