Zodiac Signs and Meanings

Zodiac Signs and Meanings

Zodiac Signs and Meanings

Is it possible that one zodiac sign could be more psychic than another? It was once thought that any of the water signs would be the ones to be more psychic than the earth, air or fire signs. That has to do with water being a symbol for the flows and ebbs of the subconscious mind. With that said, Sagittarius seems to be the ones who have a pretty serious and well-rooted intuition that gives water signs a run for their money.

Another theory on the subject is that the moon for your sign is the determining factor for psychic ability. When it comes to the zodiac chart, the ninth house can also be a factor in psychic ability. Let’s break down each sign to see how strong the psychic ability may be.


Aries are not typically known for having a strong psychic ability due to them being more logical. The Ram tends to be more rational and calculated and doesn’t have or leave a psychic impression. Aries do tend to be more perceptive though which makes them better for second guessing other people’s motives.


While it is true that the Taurus are very compassionate and they also have a strong understanding when it comes to human nature, they are not one of the psychic signs because like Aries, they are logical.


The Gemini is one of the most intuitive of all the zodiac signs. Gemini will often find themselves tuning in to others and may even finish their sentences. If Gemini is either your moon or the ninth house for you, there is a chance that you may be able to speak to dead spirits. Gemini also excel at reading the tarot and using a Ouija board.


Cancer is the most psychic sing in all the zodiac. If your moon falls in Cancer then you will be very clairvoyant. Many of those who are psychic have either the ninth or the twelfth house in Cancer. Cancers tend to be very observant and quiet.


Because Leo’s have a predatory nature, they can often tell what another person is thinking. Having a moon in Leo makes for a great lover because they are psychically sensual and know what will make the other person feel good. This sign is also very lucky.


Virgo’s are very logical and look down on making a decision based off of a feeling or intuition. Many people who are skeptic tend to have a Virgo moon or sun.


Libra’s are very intuitive. They tend to tune into other’s feelings and may even know what motivates them before they themselves know. They also tend to empathize with animals.


This is another of the most psychic signs. This sign has a direct relationship to the occult and can often host spirits, detect ghosts and channel energy. If your moon falls in Scorpio then you may find yourself with some psychic ability as a result. Those with their twelfth house in Scorpio may be a telepath.


Sagittarius is yet another sign with psychic ability. They have the skill of being in the right place at just the right time. Some may even have the ability to detect an emergency and arrive just in time to save the day. A lot of Sagittarius’ are interested in the occult.


Because of their rational thinking and decision making based off of observations, this is one of the least intuitive of the signs. Some may think the occult is silly. However, Capricorn mothers may have the ability to read their children’s minds.


This is thought to be one of the most intuitive of all the sings because of the self-awareness and consciousness they possess. They make wonderful healers. They are often prone to psychic attacks. However, they can be misguided and sort fallible sources.


Pisces tend to be both sensitive and emotional. They have an openness to messages from both other people and higher sources. They don’t like the occult but do enjoy practicing New Age. They are often born channellers and like to heal others. They are a very psychic but can be overwhelmed by psychic impressions.

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